Life is difficult enough without autism.

Let us help you and your child live full and happy lives despite the extra challenges.

Our multidisciplinary team of Occupational and Behaviour Therapists, Psychologists, and Speech Pathologists work together to help you and your child reach your goals, no matter the obstacles.

Therapy Plus

Girl with Autism receiving Therapy

At Real Autism Care, we believe that helping children with autism succeed requires more than just a few therapy sessions.

That success requires individualised therapy goals with measurable outcomes and the achievement of new skills through fun and engaging activities.

And it especially requires caring therapists that are involved for more than just a 30-minute session.

Our Therapy Plus program, built on a strong foundation of research and experience, uses strategies proven to provide better outcomes for your child before, during, and after their therapy sessions.

All at no additional cost to you.

What does Therapy Plus include?

Therapy Plus Explained

All of our therapy services use our Therapy Plus program.

Girl With Autism Spectrum Disorder


The emotional and social challenges that come with autism can be some of the most overwhelming.

Anger, depression, anxiety, and failure in forming friendships – things we all struggle with in life – are made more difficult by autism.

Our team of Psychologists can help your child recognise, regulate and overcome their emotional challenges to build the skills they need for deep and meaningful relationships.

They can help your child learn to:

  • Reduce their aggressive and self-harming behaviours.
  • Regulate their emotional anxiety.
  • Foster reciprocal social interaction.
  • Improve their social skills with peers.
  • Identify and cope with environmental triggers.
  • Develop independence through adaptive skills.
  • Reduce ritualistic, repetitive behaviours.


Occupational Therapy

Sometimes autism makes even our everyday tasks more difficult.

Whether it’s getting dressed, cooperating with others, even eating dinner together, helping your child with autism learn to do and enjoy even the most mundane tasks can be a challenge.

Our team of Occupational Therapists can help your child overcome their daily challenges and build the skills they need for more independent and happy daily living.

They can help your child develop:

  • Daily living skills, such as toilet training, dressing, brushing teeth, and other grooming skills.
  • Fine motor skills required for holding objects like handwriting or cutting with scissors.
  • Gross motor skills used for walking, climbing stairs, or riding a bike.
  • Sitting, posture, or perceptual skills, such as telling the differences between colours, shapes, and sizes.
  • Sensory integration to reduce sensitivities to noises, textures, lights, and foods.
  • Awareness of his or her body and its relation to others.
  • Visual skills for reading and writing.
  • Play, coping, self-help, problem-solving, communication, and social skills.



Communicating with your child in a way that gets everyone’s needs met is a real challenge.

Communication is such an important part of all our lives but is especially crucial for connecting with your child living with autism and helping them relate with others.

Our team of Speech Pathologists can help your child overcome their communication challenges and connect with you the way every parent desires.

They can help your child learn to:

  • Articulate words well.
  • Communicate both verbally and nonverbally.
  • Comprehend verbal and nonverbal communication to understand others’ intentions in a range of settings.
  • Initiate communication without prompting from others.
  • Know the appropriate time and place to communicate something; for example, when to say “good morning.”
  • Develop conversational skills.
  • Communicate in ways to develop relationships.
  • Enjoy communicating, playing, and interacting with peers.



Raising children is hard enough, but for parents of children living with autism, there is a whole host of additional challenging behaviours to deal with.

Our Applied Behaviour Therapists work one-on-one with your child each week to help them learn how to change challenging and self-harming behaviours while still getting their needs met.

Some Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) service providers have centre-based models, focusing on areas of development such as communication, play, self-help, fine and gross motor skills, as well as academic skills.

In addition to this, our ABA Therapists also address problematic behaviours, including self-injury, tantrums, and socially inappropriate behaviours.

They also develop behaviour support plans with effective strategies for behaviour management, and conduct assessments for autism, learning difficulties and delays, and other mental health conditions.


Unfortunately, on top of all the other struggles in helping your child living with autism succeed, you also have the additional stress of managing all the special services you use to help them.

Our Case Managers work with you and your child to coordinate all the services they use from therapists and pediatricians, to schools and other professional services, ensuring open communication and holistic support for all your child’s needs.

They can also answer any questions you have and can direct you to additional resources for your child and family.

Our Case Management services come at no additional cost to all families whose child is accessing 2 or more of our early intervention services.

Call us today at 1300 856 617 to book your free 30-minute meet and greet consultation with one of our experienced therapists and let us answer any questions you might have.

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